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A key aspect of running a successful membership site is managing new user registrations. However, while you might be working hard to promote your site and acquire new members, there’s a chance you could be neglecting the onboarding experience and management of new members.

Not doing enough to welcome and manage new users could result in a higher churn rate than your site would otherwise have. To reduce this churn rate, some people might focus on attracting new members to their site, when in reality, their time would be better spent managing new users registrations in MemberPress more effectively in order to hold on to those members.

In this article, we look at the technical and practical aspects of managing new user registrations in MemberPress to help you use the full functionality of this plugin and ensure that your site is set up to welcome new members and hopefully extend the length of their subscriptions.

Let’s get started…

Managing New Users in MemberPress

First up, we’ll look at how you can use MemberPress to enable new user registration on your membership site before moving on to welcoming those members so that they feel a part of your community as soon as they’ve signed up.

Enabling New User Registrations in MemberPress

Once you’ve installed and activated MemberPress, it only takes a few steps to enable new user registrations on your WordPress membership site.

Helpfully, the plugin will point you in the direction of completing the essential steps that are required to lay the foundation for your new membership site. This includes instructing MemberPress to generate some content for your membership site, such as the thank you, account, and login pages.

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